Flourish is rooted in community and committed to all things plant care. Together, let's inspire a world where we can all flourish.

All-Purpose Plant Food Kit

Flourish Plant Food brings ease and vibrancy to caring for your houseplants. Derived from organic, sustainable sources, Flourish feeds your plants and soil with a balanced dose of naturally derived nutrients and plant-friendly microbes.

Food Waste
Fermented Fish
Corn Steep
Peppermint Oil
Solar Power
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Flourish is meant to help your plants, well, flourish.

Flourish is an invitation - for both us and our plants - to grow where we’re planted. With the right ingredients, you’ll be surprised how quickly strong roots will develop and thrive.

As you become more in-tune with the ecosystem around you, stewarding it with care and responsibility, you will be filled with a sense of delight that you’ve never known.

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Flourish is the best plant care hands down I would drink it if I could and probably will take a sip eventually.

Plant Emergency?

Houseplants today have as many dietary needs as the modern millennial. Because they’re sourced from climates all over the world, we have to pay special attention to their care. If your thumb is anything less than green, our plant care guide can help with a flourishing plant life.

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