About US

Flourish is an invitation, for both us and our plants, to grow where we’re planted. With the right ingredients, you’ll be surprised how quickly strong roots will develop and thrive.

As you become more in-tune with the ecosystem around you, stewarding it with care and responsibility, you will be filled with a sense of delight that you’ve never known.

Coming from a couple of aspiring plant ladies, trust us on this one—we’ve seen the power of plants first hand, and we’re excited to share that passion with you.

Why Feed Your Plants?

A hangry plant is a dying plant, so it’s time you get food on the table. Fertilizing plants with an organic fertilizer like Flourish Plant Food gives them the nutrients they need to live and thrive. All plants need Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium (NPK) to go about their regular functioning and photosynthesis. However, most potting soils are nutrient deficient just a few months after purchase. Soil is also meant to be alive—with microbes (and larger creatures out in the wild). Adding a microbe rich plant food allows for a stronger root system and better nutrient uptake, resulting in a more resilient plant.

However, the most obvious thing you’ll likely see when you start feeding your plants is their vegitative growth. Feeding plants gives them the nutrients to become stronger, likely larger (both taller and longer/bushier), and more colorful with just a few weeks of consistent use and good care. 

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Kate's and Lila’s roots go way back - to the high school science fair circuit, and albeit competitors, the two always bonded over their mutual affinity for the natural world. After growing her personal houseplant collection in college, Kate noticed a gap in the market for houseplant care products that were not only organic, but also sustainable, easy to use, and of course, could be disguised on a well-stocked bar cart.

Kate spent the next 5 years planting the seeds for Flourish behind the scenes, while lending her ingenuity and get-it-done mentality to think tanks in both Austin and New York. Meanwhile, Lila was building the foundations of some of your favorite consumer brands as an executive recruiter in New York. The two found their way back in a much, dare we say ‘cooler’ version of their glorious science fair days - Kate bringing the creative energy and vision as CEO and Lila making it come to life with her knack for logistics as President.

Flourish was born out of the desire to help friends and peers cultivate beauty and growth in the spaces that matter most through sustainable products and relatable tips for a plant life well lived.

Last year, we ditched the fluorescent lights, cubicles, and the concrete jungle to devote our time to growing Flourish in Austin, Texas. We  are thrilled to be launching our first product for our fellow botanists, gardeners, and plant owners. Flourish Plant Food will change the game of plant care as we know it—we can't wait to bring the joy of flourishing to this growing community.

Our Scientific Advisor

Dr. Carrie Woods is a community and ecosystem ecologist, currently teaching and researching at the University of Puget Sound. She received her BSc. in Ecology and Biochemistry and her MSc. in Environmental Biology at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada and her Ph.D. in Biological Sciences at Clemson University. She spent two years at Colgate University as a Visiting Assistant Professor and joined Puget Sound in August 2015 as a Visiting Assistant Professor. Carrie became an Assistant Professor at Puget Sound in August 2017. In her research, she focuses on plant biodiversity, studying how abiotic interactions combine with variations in nutrient acquisition and ecophysiological processes to influence plant distributions and patterns of biodiversity. She also studies disruptions in plant communities caused by climate change and deforestation.

Dr. Woods is intimately involved with Flourish Plant’s product development and sustainability goals, making sure we can provide our community with the best ingredients in the most conscious way!