All-Purpose Plant Food Kit

Your kit includes: Organic Flourish Plant Food and a limited edition 8oz Flourish Dilution Vessel. Sign up for a subscription to get Flourish Plant Food refills before you run out! 

Flourish Plant Food is a naturally-derived, organic blend of essential nutrients and microbes that help sustain healthy plant growth during vegetative (leafy) growth, and the early stages of flowering or fruit production. 70% quick-release, plant-ready nutrients plus 30% slow-release, microbe-dependent food make it last just long enough, and it’s 100% water soluble, so all you need is the Flourish vessel to mix!

Flourish’s gentle formulation of macro- and micronutrients protects from the overeager plant parent’s tendency to over-fertilize or “burn” plants with synthetic chemical based fertilizers. We feed your plants and soil with a carefully balanced dose of naturally derived nutrients and plant-friendly microbes to enhance growth and resilience.

Sustainability is at the core of what we do, so our plant food is derived from sustainable sources (including fish and corn discards from the food system). Don’t worry, no fishy smells—just a subtle minty fresh aroma from organic essential oils.

Derived From:
Corn steep liquor and fermented fish by-products.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Total Nitrogen (N) 3.0%
0.16% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
2.63% Other Water Soluble Nitrogen
0.21% Water Insoluble Nitrogen
Available Phosphate (P2O5) 3.0%
Soluble Potash (K2O) 2.0%

Density 9.6 lb/gallon (US) at 68 F
Measure, mix, pour, repeat. Grab your houseplant and a bottle of Flourish and you’ll be surrounded by leaves, sprouts, and vines in no time.

Measure 2–6 full droppers of our plant food and combine with 8oz of water for 2–4 small plants, 1–3 medium plants, or 1 large plant. Use as often as you water, and/or when your plant is showing signs of growth (new leaves, aerial roots, or increased height).
Purchase a subscription of Flourish Plant Food, and save on your Plant Food Kit! Signing up for a subscription means Plant Food will come right to your door before you run out, ensuring that your plants are always well fed. After purchasing the kit, you will receive a new 2oz Flourish Plant Food dropper bottle (with NO dilution vessel) at the interval of your choosing. You can cancel subscriptions at anytime in your Flourish account and we will always notify you ahead of shipping out your refill.

With a subscription, the price of your initial Kit drops to $27 plus shipping and each refill is $20 plus shipping, charged automatically.

How often will you need a new Plant Food? On average, if you are feeding plants weekly:
Every 3 months if you have 1-2 medium sized plants
Every 2 months if you have 3-5 medium sized plants
Monthly if you have 6+ medium sized plants

Your home is your haven, so there’s no room for suspect substances—suspect plant fertilizers at least. Flourish Plant is in the process of CDFA Organic approval, packed with vetted and tested ingredients. We got down and dirty with the science, to pack it full of nutrients and microbes that create a healthy environment in your plant’s pot, because your plant needs a happy home too. Flourish packs a punch with a combo of pre-digested, plant-ready nutrients to give your plants an instant boost, as well as slower-releasing compounds to sustain healthy soil ecosystems in the long-term.

Plant Emergency?

Houseplants today have as many dietary needs as the modern millennial. Because they’re sourced from climates all over the world, we have to pay special attention to their care. If your thumb is anything less than green, our plant care directory can help with a flourishing plant life.