Flourish Plant Food Details

  • Flourish Plant Food is in process of becoming certified organic by the CDFA (California Department of Food and Agriculture) as an organic input. All ingredients in our product are fully organic, and certified by OMRI and CDFA or USDA. This certificate will show that everything used to make our product is truly natural and non-synthetic. 

    Similarly to the food we eat or lotions and soaps we use- it’s important to keep our home environments free of toxic and harmful chemicals. Fertilizers in the US are actually regulated by states rather than the federal government  because of the need for each state to know how much, and what types, of fertilizer is being used on farms. We abide by these state regulations to ensure we are providing the safest possible product for our consumers. 

    Traditional fertilizers are derived from industrial and mined sources, like Urea, Ammonium Nitrate, and Potassium Phosphate. Ammonium Nitrate is highly flammable and can cause respiratory distress if inhaled. Potassium Phosphate is a salt, often used as a food additive or in medical treatment of patients with low potassium. While this combination of synthetic chemicals does provide the basic NPKs that are needed for basic plant growth, it’s high concentration is worth keeping away from pets and children. See our "Why Fertilize?" intro blog for some more details on natural fertilizers!

  • The ingredients in Flourish Plant Food are mainly food byproducts, meaning we use components discarded from industrial fishing and corn meal production to create our organic liquid fertilizer. These elements are digested in a 21 day digestion process- with specialized microbes digesting the raw inputs and high temperatures killing any potential pathogens, the entire process is powered by solar energy . 

    Because we are using both animal and plant based inputs, Flourish Plant Food reintroduces a well balanced array of nutrients that are often severely depleted in soil. Flourish also has an organic mint fragrance, making it more palatable for small spaces, so you don’t have to choose between plants looking good and smelling good! 

  • Because our products are made from discarded parts, you can trust that Flourish Plant Food is one of the most sustainable fertilizer products on the market. 

    Our product is not vegan, because it is made of animal products that would otherwise be destined for the landfill, with discarded fish that comes from several different sources on the West Coast. The high nitrogen content of fish waste has made it a popular organic source of fertilizer for millenia!

  • If used according to instructions, and on plants in proper environmental conditions (see plant care guide for tips), plants will begin to reap the benefits from Flourish Plant Food within a few weeks. Some of these benefits are clearly visible and can include darker, thicker or shinier leaves, abundant new growth, stronger stems, and the overall increases in plant  size. 

    Other benefits might not be as visible but can include deeper and more fibrous root systems, more and longer root hairs, and subsequently, better water absorption. 

    Additionally, your plant is likely to develop a more robust soil microbiome, which protects the plant from infection. This will also increase the symbiotic relationship of the microbes within the plant roots themselves to help deliver nutrients and water to the plant and protect its overall health.

     While our experience is that your plants will become visibly healthier in just a few weeks, please keep in mind that every plant is different and other care parameters will also impact its overall look and health.

How Do I use Flourish Plant Food?

  • Flourish Plant Food is an all-purpose solution and can be used on almost all houseplants. The nutrient balance in Flourish Plant Food is designed specifically for “leafy green” or herbaceous plants, but has benefits for all types of plants, including flowering houseplants and succulents. Use sparingly on succulents and orchids, as these slower-growing plants need less water and nutrients than faster-growing leafy greens. 

  • Using the dropper pipette, put 2-6 full droppers of Flourish Plant Food into your empty dilution vessel. Fill the vessel (or another cup or watering can) with 8 oz of water, mixing the product as you fill the vessel. We find that swirling under the sink mixes the product into the water well! Use the diluted Flourish to “water” your plants.

    Use as much Diluted Plant Food as you would typically water the plant. For most plants, this is saturating the soil until damp, with no standing water left afterward.

    Discard any extra diluted Flourish Plant Food, wash your vessel with soap and water,  and tightly seal the Flourish Plant Food container after each use.

  • After diluting your Flourish Plant Food, water your plants with the same amount of water that you would typically use. Remember most plants also require drainage!

    Check out the Plant Care Library for specific watering suggestions. Typically, the 8oz of diluted Flourish Plant Food should feed 2-4 small plants, 1-3 medium  plants, and either 1 or 2 ,8oz servings can be used for a large plant!

  • After feeding your plants, discard all left over diluted Flourish Plant Food and clean the vessel with soap and warm water. It’s not safe to store leftover diluted Flourish to use at a later time (once diluted, pathogens are able to grow and contaminate the mix much more quickly!) . And the vessel should be cleaned well at each use to avoid any contamination. Always seal the Flourish Plant Food dropper tightly before storing.

  • Yes, we would highly recommend following the instructions listed on the bottle for the best results. This ensures that you are using the correct amount of Flourish Plant Food, and distributing it evenly across the plant's soil.

    Excess nutrients lingering at the surface of the soil from direct application of the concentrate could lead to bacterial or fungal growth, so it is best to use the product as directed to avoid potential complications.

Shipping, Subscription, and returns?

  • A subscription is a great way to save on purchasing Flourish Plant Food! Flourish Plant Food is also most effective when used consistently, so we highly encourage a subscription, to be sure you never run out!

    Purchase a subscription of Flourish Plant Food, and save on your Plant Food Kit! Signing up for a subscription means Plant Food will come right to your door before you run out, ensuring that your plants are always well fed. After purchasing the kit, you will receive a new 2oz Flourish Plant Food dropper bottle (with NO dilution vessel) at the interval of your choosing. You can cancel subscriptions at anytime in your Flourish account and we will always notify you ahead of shipping out your refill.

    With a subscription, the price of your initial Kit drops to $27 plus shipping and each refill is $20 plus shipping, charged automatically.

  • On average, if you are feeding plants weekly...

    Every 3 months if you have 1 Large/ 1-2 Medium / 3-4 Small Sized Plants

    Every 2 months if you have 2 Large/ 3-5 Medium / 5-10 Small Sized Plants

    Monthly if you have 3+ Large / 6+ Medium / 10+ Small Sized Plants (YGG!)

  • You should receive a purchase confirmation email when you place an order. Following that, you will receive an email confirming shipment with tracking information.

    If you placed an order on launch day (3/16), your Flourish Plant Food Kit will likely ship on 3/21 and your merch. will ship by 3/31. We appreciate your patience!

  • At this time we are not accepting returns, but we are accepting feedback. We welcome all of your thoughts, feelings, and plant pics at Support@flourishplant.com

    If you receive a broken or cracked product of vessel, please let us know within 5 days of your delivery day by sending a photo of the product upon opening (in its original packaging) to Support@flourishplant.com! We will replace any products that arrive broken immediately. Our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience it causes you, shipping fragile products can be tricky!

Whoops, I think I made a mistake

  • If you spill Flourish Plant Food topically onto your skin, wash thoroughly with soap and water. Flourish Plant Food is safe to touch, however it is recommended to clean off your skin at the earliest possible time to avoid any irritation or smell. 

    If you spill diluted or undiluted Flourish Plant Food on any hard surface, wipe it up with water, and a gentle cleaning product of your choice immediately. Flourish Plant Food can stain if left uncleaned on hard surfaces, so we suggest cleaning it quickly. 

    If you spill Flourish Plant food on clothes or soft surfaces (furniture or textiles) we recommend dabbing the product up with water, and immediately treating the surface with a stain remover. Flourish will stain similarly to dirt or blood, so treating the stain quickly and thoroughly washing the spot is essential. Be cautious when using Flourish Plant Food, especially around delicate or valuable clothing and furniture.  

  • Flourish Plant Food is not toxic to humans or animals, however it is not recommended for consumption. If you, a member of your household, or an animal consume a large amount of Flourish Plant Food, we recommend connecting with your doctor.

    If you apply Flourish Plant Food topically, wash thoroughly with soap and water. Keep out of mouth and eyes.

    Please see full SDS sheet here for more detailed safety information. 

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