April 05, 2022

Where Flourish Draws Visual Inspiration


As we started to bring Flourish to life, we were so inspired by a variety of different artists and cultures. In some of the tangible elements of the brand and the tone that we wanted to curate for our customers, bringing art and nature to the forefront of homes has always felt like a core piece of Flourish. 

We admire the beauty of Japanese gardens, care, and design. Known for its flourishing gardens, meticulous plant care, and stunning designs— Japan has been a huge inspiration for the whole Flourish team. The tradition of plants in Japan dates back to the Asuka period (538-710) and is considered a major Japanese art element. Kokedama is the word for “moss ball”, and follows the accident tradition of the Bonsai to highlight the root system of the plant. Japanese graphic design and colorways are weaved prominently into the Flourish aesthetic.

The photography of Lukasz Wierzbowski and Bela Borsodi and the art of Caitlyn Grabenstein all have also inspired our team. 

Lucas Wiezbowski’s high contrast, high exposure, photography style and artful juxtapositions have been inspiring Flourish since the early days and are often featured on our feed. We love how he plays with houseplants, incorporating them in unexpected ways, making them feel like a subject in their own right and a compliment to the human subject.

Bela Borsodi’s collection “Phytophile,” literally ’a lover of plants,’ is an intimate look at the relationship between one and their plants. The black and white photographs prominently display nude model Faina, posing with her plants’ in a form that borders on fetish— and that’s why we love it. It is an unexpected exploration of one’s love of plants pushing the limit.

Caitlyn Grabenstein’s collages straddle the lines between the real, imaginative, and digital worlds. A tripoint we are all facing in the modern era. Sharks emerge from clouds, alien spaceships and tornadoes confront a solemn old man, objects and bodies by ghosts replace faces. You can’t look away, yet you see something different every time you look.