March 16, 2022

Can't Miss Plant Stores in NYC

A few of our most frequented NYC plant stores that you absolutely must check out.

While Austin, TX is now our home, we spent a lot of time pursuing the plant stores of NYC over the past few years! We wanted to share a few of our favorites with some of the rich history. If you are a New Yorker, let us know your favorite hidden plant haunts! 


    • Address: 7 Greenwich Ave, New York, NY 10014
    • Social Media: @rosecrans 
    • Specialties: Café and Retail, including cut plants 


Rosecrans is the perfect coffee shop, it has every coffee and pastry you could want, turns into a wine bar in the evening, oh and a very large selection of plants. The child of the next door Ad Hoc Collective, Rosecrans is an all around winner of the west village. Whether you want to just browse or hang out all day, Rosecrans has all of your plant parent needs. 




  • Address: 723 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10025, Across the street from the New Museum  
    • 87th St: 555 Columbus Ave. NYC, NY 10024 
    • Prince St: 1 Prince St. NYC, NY 10012 
  • Website: 
  • Social Media: @plantshednyc
  • Founded: 1971 by the Mourkakos family 
  • Specialties: Café and Retail


    Deep family connections are what build and keep Plantshed a thriving community business. The first chain on the list, Plantshed offers services all over NYC as well as one location in the surrounding metropolitan area. The Mourkakos family created a whole experience around plant shopping, selling plants, flowers, as well as home items such as candles and cards, but not only will you browse the wide selection while at the store, but you can also sit and relax in their on-site cafés. Plantshed also has a very comprehensive and easy-to-navigate website on which you can order plants and flowers directly from. Plantshed is a great place for plant lovers to browse and chill on any afternoon! 

    Image: Plantshed via.




    • Address: 5 Rivington St, New York, NY 1000, 
      • Milan: Via Savona 21
    • Social Media: 
    • Founder: Satoshi Kawamoto
    • Specialties: curated plants, home goods, vintage clothes and items


    Kate’s favorite nursery in ALL TIME of NYC, Green Fingers Market is an elegantly curated selection of plant, home goods, and vintage clothes. The founder, Satoshi Kawamoto, who also has another location in Milan, created an experience. Kawamoto has crafted a unique experience with a variety of plant options like the ever-popular Succulents, various Cacti, and other leafy plants such as Pothos, Snake Plants, Peacock Plants, and many more. Situated in Bowery adjacent to Roosevelt Park, Green Fingers market has been called minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing, which is undoubtedly accurate to the atmosphere. For many, Green Fingers is a plant lover’s paradise and a vintage hunter’s cornucopia.