April 18, 2022

Eco-Friendly Home Products We Cant Get Enough Of


When it comes to being more "eco-friendly" at home, it feels like the options are never-ending and really overwhelming. But we all also know the science and that making small sustainable (yeah we said it) changes to your lifestyle is the best way to create a meaningful impact! So we wanted to share a few of our smart purchases and product switches that bring us, and the earth, joy!

Who Gives a Crap - Recycled Bamboo Toilet Paper and Dream Clothes

Buying toilet paper at the store and carrying it home for all the cute boys at CVS to see has never been my thing, but I was always worried I didn't have the space to store extras. Thankfully, Who Gives a Crap gives you tons of shipping and subscription options so you don't have to compromise or get caught red-handed. The cute wrapping also lets you leave rolls out or stacked without much design concern. Perfect comfort to thickness ratio, it's honestly impressive.
The dream clothes are the perfect replacement for paper towels- and can be used for cleaning (including glass, streak-free). They are more absorbent than any paper towel I have used before!
While we are on the subject, I suggest challenging yourself to a few weeks of living in a paper towel-free home. A few great replacements are some microfiber cloths, a couple of rags from old towels, and these amazing Geometry Dish Towels made from recycled water bottles that are highly absorbent (will actually dry a wet dish) and have so many great patterns for every style.

Blue Land Refillable Cleaning Supplies
Pretty much every single one of their products has blown me away. Easy to use, less plastic, great scents, and never need to purchase cleaning supplies at the store! Score! I would recommend their dishwasher pods, laundry oxi-laundry booster, all-purpose cleaning spray, and two-sided sponges! Although beware, Blueland shipping generally takes at least a week, so restock well before you anticipate running out.

Rechargeable Lighter from USB Lighter Company

I purchased mine, not certain how much I would like it, but these products are so epic. No more running out of matches or buying creepy little lighters that get tossed out after a few weeks- these USB re-chargeable lighters can last you years and are fun to use. The variety of colors is also cute and makes a great gift!

Cute Composting Bin with Easy Installation
Not only are these bins adorable, but they really keep any compost smell inside! They are easy to install with a stick-on hook to hang on the inside of a cabinet or leave it out on the counter to remember to use! Composting tip - you can also leave the box or a bag of compost in the freezer if you aren't ready to take it to the proper disposal location.
Also, check out these compostable bags, which make a great liner, and hold up pretty well with a week of drier compost. Making eco-friendly choices convenient is the best way to make prioritizing the earth a true habit.

Plus Soap Single Use, Disolvable Sachets and *New* Refilable Dispensers
Try this dehydrated soap on a mission to reduce body care products' water weight and shipping tolls! Also, they smell heavenly. We love products that don't make you feel like you are compromising, and this is certainly one!

Recycled License Plate Planter

Of course, we had to add a fun plant accessory here; this planter makes a great gift or a little reminder of a place that you love for your home. Etsy has such an incredible array of homemade and up-cycled products you can't go wrong supporting small businesses.

Liquid Death Water
From our hometown of Austin, TX, we are huge fans of Liquid Death water. It tastes good and is packaged in aluminum cans, which are endlessly recyclable with little waste. While carrying a water bottle is best, these canned waters are convenient and a little bit edgy! Substitute for a beer as well if you aren't interested in an alc. drink but would love to hold a beverage!

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