July 19, 2022

Flourishing with Caroline Weihs @withgoodcare in Stamford, CT

Self Care

This week, we interviewed a dear friend who has taught us so much about Flourishing in our lives. An avid gardener, cook, and a gorgeous bride-to-be, Caroline’s plant care skills are next to none. Thrilled to introduce our community to Caroline today! If you haven't checked it out yet, Caroline also led a guided meditation for us using a plant as a meditation tool! You can also find Caroline on her wellness blog @withgoodcare

Tell us a little about you- what is your day job and some things that you LOVE? 

I work as a third grade teacher, a yoga teacher, and a wellness blogger. I love all three roles and how they overlap! I love to help my students work through hard moments and embrace their authenticity. There’s nothing better than sharing a smile with one of my students after they have persisted through a challenge. My passion for wellness is also overflowing and I am curious about all things mind, body and soul. 

When did you start collecting house plants, how has your collection changed over the years?

My houseplant collection first started when my Mom gave me a cutting of her Devil’s Ivy. I remember being mesmerized after I soaked it in water and witnessed it grow new roots. I quickly purchased a beautiful blue pot in order to plant the cutting in fresh potting soil. To this day, I continue to cut and soak pieces of this original Devil’s Ivy so that I can plant the new roots in fun pots and give them away to friends and family.

What was your first plant?

While the cutting of the “Devil’s Ivy” was the kickstart to my plant collection and obsession, my first true plant was a small Chinese Money plant (Pilea) from one of my students. He decorated the pot himself, so it is really special! This Chinese Money plant has since grown so much that I needed to repot it in two large pots. I love the way that it creates small babies around it so you can continue to make new pots and spread the love.

What is the most recent add to your collection?

Most recently, I planted Zinnia seeds in my flower box. While Zinnia’s are more of a garden plant than a houseplant, they still feel like a houseplant to me! I’ve loved watching the whole growth process from seed to flower. I use the clear Flourish pourer as a small vase for my flower cuttings! It is perfect :)

Which plant do you cherish the most?

My peace lily is really special to me because it is my biggest plant and I feel like she is a friend! I have her next to my favorite chair in the living room and I feel she helps me get into a calm place when I journal and have coffee in the mornings. I appreciate how it takes awhile for her to bloom. I made a drawing of one of her bloom’s because I find her so beautiful! 

Favorite piece of plant advice that you have received?

The plant wisdom I like to follow is to spend time tuning into the plants energy, giving them space, and sending them love (and water, of course!). I have loved getting to know my plants by just being physically close to them and feeling into their vibe. 

Any plant must haves - accessories or tools? 

Flourish Plant food is so helpful! My peace Lily was struggling in winter time because I had her close to the window and she got so cold that she stopped blooming for months and months. After just two uses of the Flourish plant, she started blooming again and never stopped!

What makes you feel the most like you are flourishing?

When I take time to slow down and feel calm and connect within myself, I feel prepared for anything. I feel like I am flourishing when I am deeply rooted and well taken care of… like a houseplant!

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