July 13, 2022

The Stars and Plants Align- What Plant Matches your Zodiac Sign?

Plant Pairing

Growing up my sister had a subscription to Seventeen Magazine. She’d flip through the pages, nonchalantly reading about make-up trends and what was in that buzzworthy celebrity’s purse. Typically there was also some kind of quiz. These quizzes might range from what kind of vacation was the best fit for your personality (were you a tropical beach cabana or a cozy mountain cabin?), to which TV show character you were most like. I always figured these quizzes must have provided the budding adolescent with some semblance of comfort as they went through the confusing and sometimes stressful process of figuring out exactly who they were. But they were also sometimes just plain fun. So let’s bring the magazine quiz into 2022. Read on and discover your plant spirit animal by zodiac sign! 

Aquarius - Bamboo

An Aquarius is known for being a lover of freedom and seeing the world around them as ripe with opportunity. As an air sign they’re spontaneous and live in the moment. The downside of this is that aquarius can also be unpredictable. Similarly bamboo will seize ANY moment to expand and if you let it, a grove of bamboo can rapidly overtake any space. Bamboo is also a grass with hollow stems known for having literal air chambers inside each stalk. Bamboo releases around 35% more oxygen than trees. This makes it a great plant to fight climate change since it can actually reduce your carbon footprint! 

Pisces - Purple Oxalis

Pisces are creative and love free time. Although they form strong relationships with people and are known for their generosity they also can be overly trusting. As a water sign, Pisces are also intuitive and go with the flow. The purple Oxalis requires a lot of water to stay happy and does its best flowing over the side of its container. Just like intuitive Pisces, the purple Oxalis is intuitive enough to close its leaves at night to rest and conserve its energy. Pisces can be sensitive as can the delicate Oxalis leaves. 

Aries - Firestick Pencil Euphorbia 

Aries are energetic fire signs and at their worst might be described as turbulent. They often take action before considering the consequences and like to be first at everything. Yet at the same time Aries are compassionate, confident, and determined, making great leaders. Similarly the Firestick Pencil Euphorbia displays fiery characteristics and is known for growing quickly and sporadically in every direction. A lover of direct sunlight, they are sure to stick out in any garden or arrangement.  


Taurus - Pink Princess Philodendron 

If you know a Taurus you’re familiar with their stubborn, uncompromising nature. Determined yet reliable and responsible, a Taurus can be a good person to have on your side. They also like the finer things in life so naturally the Pink Princess Philodendron is the perfect pairing for any Taurus’ plant collection. The Pink Princess Philodendron carries a hefty price tag and this is mostly because they’re difficult to grow. But if you have a healthy plant that’s well looked after they are one of the most stunning plants commonly available. With variegated pink and green leaves, they don’t grow very tall or very fast, but they’re a stunner! 

Gemini - Variegated Euphorbia Ammak

Gemini’s are known for the multifaceted nature of their personality. They can be fun and genuinely interested in the world around them but can also turn inwards and be serious and thoughtful. The Variegated Euphorbia Ammak grows tall similarly to a tree, possesses a pale yellow color and can, from far away, give an almost soft appearance. But get a bit closer and you’ll see that this plant actually has some pretty serious spike-age! Its branching limbs can sometimes give a gravity defying appearance and is a beautiful contrast to its native desert environment. 

Cancer - White Hibiscus 

Cancers LOVE to relax near water. They’re known for being passionate and emotional with highly active imaginations. Despite this, Cancers can also sink into bouts of pessimism and let their insecurities get the best of them. As a tropical flower, you’ll most likely find Hibiscus near water of some sort. Their flowers famously fall off after sometimes less than a day yet at the same time are synonymous with passion and creativity. 

Leo - Golden Barrel Cactus 

Leo’s HATE being alone. Warmhearted, dramatic, and self-confident, Leo’s are known leaders who are at their best when uniting different groups of people. The Golden Barrel Cactus grows in mounds and is hardly ever found growing solo. They form dramatic mounds which are a spectacular addition to any plant-scape. They thrive in the warm sun and are a great plant for beginner horticulturalists due to their easy to care for nature. 

Virgo - Sea Holly 

An incredibly hard and methodical worker, Virgos pay attention to the details. Yet despite their efforts they HATE being center stage. There are tons of varieties of Sea Holly, many of them in more muted tones such as soft grays and blues. With distinctive jagged silver foliage, they grow quickly and as a perennial will come back year after year similar to the Virgo’s all work no play attitude. 

Libra - Pothos 

The sign of the Libra is representative of scales, meaning that Libras are often focused on justice and balance. Libras are even keeled and cooperative and hate confrontation. They thrive in groups and are great peace keepers. The Pothos, a tropical plant, has become ubiquitous within the world of houseplants. They’ve been common in homes since the 1960’s. The 60’s were defined by the use of plastic, vinyl, lucite, and plexiglass in home design. To balance out this futuristic feel many homeowners turned to plants, such as the pothos, to add a natural element. Similarly today, the pothos is commonly the first houseplant many people buy as they continue to balance out urban environments and bring the tropics into their homes.  

Scorpio - Flying Dragon Orange 

Scorpios hate superficiality and love being right. They’re resourceful and determined, even if it can come off a little condescending or manipulative. The flying dragon orange tree is known for its incredibly unique appearance. With winding branches, its stems are known for growing in a corkscrew pattern. These trees are fully themselves. Although on the outside they might look a bit intimidating, the Flying Dragon Orange produces a wonderful fruit that isn’t super edible on its own but makes great jam. 

Sagittarius - Blue Sedum 

Sagittarius loves freedom and travel. They don’t want to be constrained or weighed down by anything, preferring to wander and find their own way. These extroverts are enthusiastic, glass half full types who unfortunately might make bigger promises than they can actually fulfill. The Blue Sedum is a groundcover that loves to meander through its environment. Blue Sedums thrive in sunny spots where often no other plants can live, proving that it, like a sagittarius, forges its own way.  

Capricorn - Variegated Monstera 

Capricorns are defined by self control and self discipline and are often pretty serious by nature. They love well crafted items and are willing to put forth the time and effort it takes to make sure everything they do is done to perfection. Variegated Monsteras are some of the most sought after yet hard to acquire plants on the market. Their owners take VAST pride in cultivating their variegated monstera and are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that plant thrives. Maybe Capricorns are a little less like the plant itself and more similar to their owners… 

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