September 01, 2022

Tips and Tricks for Plants in your Bathroom

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Want to increase the zen in your self care space? Have you considered decorating your bathroom with plants? We absolutely love this style trick, but there's some functional elements to consider before moving all your plants into your bathroom to make it feel like an oasis! Bathrooms or powder rooms can be small, have poor air circulation, and limited light. All things worth taking into account, but shouldn’t keep you from exploring bringing a little life into the space. 

A few of our favorite plants make excellent bathroom contenders. Consider a Snake Plant or Spider Plant if you are a beginner - both have good texture and height but can survive in lower to medium light environments. Many types of ferns also thrive in moist and darker environments, which make them ideal for a bathroom. A Foxtail, Birds Nest, or even Maidenhair Ferns are all great options and come in a variety of sizes that you can tailor to your space. 

If you are looking for more of a challenge, a Staghorn Fern is a very unique and stunning option perfectly suited for a bathroom. Kate keeps her Staghorn in the shower, near a frosted window, to ensure it gets enough moisture and some indirect light. Staghorn Ferns are often mounted onto boards or pieces of wood, so they make a beautiful display. 

When styling your bathroom with plants, it's important to keep the light and moisture needs of the plant in mind. Tropical plants will do best in a bathroom because of their affinity to moisture and humidity, however do confirm their light needs ahead of time as well. Check out our plant guide here to see which plants have the best light needs for your preferred plant, or filter by the light type you have in your space! 

Keeping a keen eye on drainage is also important when in a more moist environment, like a steamy bathroom. Plants do not like to have “wet feet” or stagnant/wet roots, so ensure all pots have a good drainage hole and ample opportunity to drain between waterings. Look out for early stages of mold growth or crusts developing on the soil as an indication of overly moist soil.

While we love macrame pot hangers, be wary of using natural fibers in your bathroom if you have limited ventilation as these can grow mildew or sour. Opt for a recycled plastic, rust-proof metal, or a synthetic fiber to ensure your hanging plants thrive. 

Some other great plants for bathrooms:

- Spider plants - good in lower to medium light environments, and their long thin leaves are great for adding texture.

- Pothos - if you have natural light, hanging a vining pothos in your shower can definitely contribute to the jungle feel.

- Prayer plants - these require bright indirect light to thrive, but they also need high humidity to prevent their delicate leaves from drying out. Have a large sill? These may be the perfect plants for you.

Additional tricks:

- Move your plants into spots with more light occasionally (or when you are out of town for a few days)

- Choose carefully, making sure you have the right plant in your space will make a world of difference

- Function is as important as style when it comes to choosing the right pot - do not sacrifice function for style, or you’ll have a dead plant on your hands!

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